Scissor Lifts

The scissor lift site, for those needing a lift.

Scissor lifts are used in many situations to move things around and to reach things that are high into the air. They are very useful – but in the hands of the wrong person they can be very deadly. Dozens of people die each year because of carelessness and improper usage of these machines.

The best way to prevent these deaths and accidents is to teach employees the right way to operate them. OSHA requires that anyone who is hired on and is expected to use a scissor lift must first watch and read the necessary safety guidelines that they have created. With this knowledge they will be able to use these safely and with the proper safety gear.

Employers found that the best way to teach their employees how to operate these machines and to make them aware of how dangerous they can be is to give them their own operator’s manual. This manual costs less then $5 and will inform them of how the machine is used and what safety guidelines they must follow before operating each time.

Another helpful guide to use and to help them understand better what they need to do is to have them watch a DVD. These usually cost $20 – but have found to be very helpful and allow people to understand more of what they need to do. The best time to have them watch this DVD is on their first day of work. This helps you to know that they are indeed watching it.

As an added protection for the employer and to make sure that it is a safe work environment it is possible to make the students take a small test after the video. This will show how much they understood and if they were paying attention to it.

In these videos they should learn about the hazards of improper usage, hazards of falling objects, how to deal with mechanical problems, what safety gear they need to wear, and how to drive and operate the lift. If the safety guidelines for the scissor lifts ever change it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that each operator is retrained.